About us

Use cases

  1. For avoiding and sorting out legal, insurance, and payoff arguments
  2. Buildings,roads,earthwork, metro, industrial complexes, 3D level control, Surveying and documenting the state of investments, before during and after construction
  3. Area, Volume, cracking, mass, help for the designer and structural engineer,heightening, adding to a building, deviation


Scope of use

  1. Survey before and after construction, to avoid later legal dispute
  2. Survey of floor:upon adding to a building,deviation, surface, movement
  3. Volume and masscalculation, roads, 3D plan, 3D map, contour plan, land survey for 3D level control, survey and palnning for listed buildings

We are capable of extracting DWG plans from our point clouds


Our Partners

ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt., Market Zrt., KÉSZ Zrt., Keller Mélyépítő Kft., Strabag, Swietelsky



Hungaroring, Pannoniaring, MTK Running Track
Citadella Scanning and Geodesic Planning
Budapest - Hungarian University of Sports Sciences
Budapest, Nagyvárad tér Metro Station
Budapest - Dürer Industrial Park
Göd - Samsung
Környe- Doosan
Budapest - Biarritz House
Budapest - Skyline Residence
Bige Kombinat

Data: 3D point cloud, 3D CAD, 2D CAD, wireframe modell, multicolor 3D geodesic planning,surface testing, photos

Instruments: Leica P40, Leica MS60, DJI drone

Accuracy: 1 mm. , Data provided immediately
TIM modell, sharper and more impressive on photos